Drop Of Rain

from by Mark Blasco



A song about turning into a zombie, and living a life filled with darkness while trying to pretend it isn't there.


It wasn't always this
Remember when we'd kiss
We'd fill our days with sun
We'd laugh and run

We didn't want to see
A fear once bound set free
We left it locked away
Forgotten more each day

It seemed life lifetimes ago
When it first showed it's face
Now it's too late to ignore
We can't close that door again

And so we lived in pain
Just waiting for a rain
To wash the dust away
There was nothing we dared say

We learned to hide and see
Until it came for me
We knew this day might come
Nothing lasts forever
We can't stay together
Don't you dare turn back to see
Don't come back for me
Just run away

Now I feel no pain
I'm just a drop of rain
I have no choice but fall
And wash you away


from The Evil Machine Demos, released July 15, 2012




Mark Blasco Brier, Washington

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