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A song written for the Bushwick Book Club, this one talks about the life of Ponyboy in the book "The Outsiders"


They call him pony boy
They call him that because it is the name
His parents gave him
Maybe they were drunk or just insane
Like scientologists
Mariners fans or republicans
It doesn't really matter anyways
Because they're dead

They call him a greaser
Not because he doesn't bathe
It's what the rich kids call his friends
And none of them like to behave
The rich kids liked to jump them
Till one day little johnny
Stabbed a rich kid with his knife
And now that kid is dead

Pony boy didn't ask for all this trouble
And his friends don't understand
He doesn't want to fight or be a
Greaser any more
He just want's to be a pony man

They had to run away
And hide the fact that they were greasers
They used a knife to cut their hair
And now they look like Justin Beibers
They hid out in a church house
Until it cought on fire
Johnny went inside to save some kids
And now he's dead

The rich kids want a rumble
you don't hear that term anymore
It's like a game of halo
but with leather jackets because before some
guy invented xbox
you'd spend your free time fighting
And the rumble wouldn't end until at
least one kid was crying to his mom

Pony didn't want this trouble
but his friends don't understand
He doesn't want to fight or be a
Greaser any more
He just want's to be a pony man+++++++

Then his brother said
My little pony boy, my little pony boy
I'm sorry I hit you, I feel so bad
My little pony boy, my little pony boy
It's just so hard to fill in for mom and dad

And so now ends the tale
of pony boy, at least here ends the book
of the outsiders, but
maybe someday if we take a look
we will find pony
trying to stay gold, but if
he keeps smoking cigarettes than
Someday he'll be awesome like james dean

Pony's done with trouble
But he's starting to understand
If he sticks with his family, and if
he can just stay gold
Some - day - soon,
he's gonna be a pony man


from Bushwick Book Club Songs, track released August 2, 2011
Written, performed, and recorded by Mark Blasco




Mark Blasco Brier, Washington

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